Thursday, August 02, 2001



Well, here I am, standing in a queue of 100's & 1,000's, having parked the car nearby in an underground spot (love the reversing) waiting to enter the Guggenheim. The building appears ~ from the rushed glances I took as I sought entry (Ha!) to get to a 'loo pronto ~ that the architecture of the building is as great as touted. I just hope that i) they accept credit cards for admission; and/or ii) it is not more than about $18.

4 Hours later.
Having a coffee. I could pay my entry by credit card, and am increasingly intrigued and enchanted by this place, more so than any other museum or gallery I have ever been to. Bob is back in the rural house where we are staying 60-odd km away attempting to recover from a bad cold. Modern Art, and installation exhibitions especially, aren't much his stuff anyhow, although I love what is here, especially the floor devoted to an Armani exhibition. (Noted fashion bunny, I am not).

I wish that I could spend more time here, it does not close until 9pm, but that would not be fair to Rob. It is well worth a special trip, although I get more out of wandering around small towns and cities (after a day I am a local in the local pueblo near where we are staying), however this is different.


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