Thursday, September 20, 2001

Day Trip to Venice part I

It was too close to ignore, too expensive to stay. I had never been to Venezia (Venice), and had a clear image of the touting Gondolier; unfathomable hoards of tourists; and the soft focus image of a hundred romantic movies and TV shows.
Everyone said it was romantic ~ especially importantly Bob on his visit here 4 years ago.
After checking with the Venetian Tourist Office & Accommodation centre, the most basic accommodation, a no star pensione without facilities started at $150+ (if available).
Needing to stay for at least a couple of days, with our local friends reiterating the expense of food and everything, I could not bring it upon myself to justify such great expense, especially if I were 'on a downer', spending much time in bed resting.
Instead, I made the executive decision to travel by train (one & a half hours or so) in the morning, and being more relaxed about expenditure on the odd caffe, pasta (sweet cake), water & so on.
A return ticket cost 22,000 lira ~ less than $22 Aussie dollars.
Whilst Rob stood in line to purchase the tickets at Ferrara Central Stazione, I found an automated machine which had different language options, and the ability to pay by credit card.
The tickets were spat out of the machine whilst those in front of Rob were still waiting in line.
Tomorrow we were going to Venezia!

An early start was aided by Giulietta's concern to ensure that we were well fuelled before and during the journey!
Espresso was ready, her special bread fresh from the oven, and she had made panini with prosciutto crudo and good cheese (including my beloved Grana) wrapped and ready with fruit.
The main problem was parking near the station, & despite an previous recognisance when buying the tickets & seeking advice from the all-knowledgeable Stefano, it was to be the biggest problem prior to catching the train.
The station at peak time was amazing!
The largest triathlon in the world (still Mrs T's? Or the 4 events of the Sri Chimnoy weekend combined, or . . . ) could not compete with the bicycles parked in the area.
No wonder Ferrara was known as the city of bicycles.
Our 2nd class carriage was somewhat luxurious by Australian standards, and had specialist bicycle areas on each train.
Way to Go!
Unlike the State Rail Authority in NSW which specifically bans them from services.
Venice to be continued



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