Wednesday, September 05, 2001

Note to Lynne

Dearest Lynne,

Rob has just nipped down to the chauterie to buy himself something for dinner (liquids only again today for me), while we are;
a) Escaping from the torrential rain;
b) Finding a spot for Rob to go to the 'loo;
c) Sneaking in a coffee for me to counteract the horrible taste of tablets.

The weather let up only briefly ~ however was fine and cool all day Sunday for the Duathlon Belvedere.

The organisers remembered Rob clearly from 1997, and it was a fine race.
He was a little downcast when they handed out umbrellas instead of bags full of food at the registration, however when opening them today we found them inscribed with the duathlons name, and they are very useful!!
Over to Rob . . .

Sorry I missed you when I called on Saturday. Trust you, Sam & the boys are all well.

We have had a lovely time here in eastern France, though the weather has ranged from magnificent (yesterday, 25) to really miserable (today, 16 and very wet). Our accommodation has been the best so far in Europe, in a small family hotel in a small village. The countryside is even more beautiful here than I remembered, but with all the rain am not surprised. Much good food and wine. Very friendly people.

Tomorrow we head to Italy, hopefully reaching the town of Cremona. Then to Ferrara where we plan to stay with people we met in Spain. The following 10 days will be dominated by the Duathlon World Championships in Rimini, an hour south from Ferrara and on the Adriatic coast.

Thinking of you, lots of love,
Carolyne & Rob


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